3-2-1 GO! Drupal 7 Deployment Checklist

Over the years, we have launched over 100+ Drupal sites and when it’s time to deploy we use our time-tested comprehensive deployment checklist.

Each site is very specific so the list generated for each deployment is different depending on the website’s modules and features. From a small 1,000 node site to an enterprise Drupal implementation with 100,000+ nodes, these are a few of the most common deployment checklist items.

Did we miss anything? Leave us a note in comments and we will add them to our list here. (PDF)

=== Drupal 7 Deployment Checklist === … »


508 Compliance Explained

To many people, 508 compliance is a fuzzy term.  They know it’s something for the government and allowing users with disabilities to be able to access information, but their knowledge of 508 stops there. We field questions from clients such as: So what does it mean to be 508 compliant? How do I know if my site is 508 compliant?  And if I’m 508 compliant, that means my site is accessible, right?

The Section 508 standards came about as part of an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which required Federal agencies make all of their electronic information and information technology accessible to those with disabilities in order to ensure they have comparable access to information as non-disabled users.

While lists a full set of standards, we’ll be focusing on Subpart B1194.22 Web-based intranet and internet information and applications, since these are the set of standards that we use when testing websites. … »


An Event Apart DC: Day 2 Wrap-up

The second day of An Event Apart DC kicked off with a passionate war cry from Karen McGrane, “Optimize your content for mobile…all of it!” Karen, an accomplished user experience and interaction design consultant, Uncle Sam & Mobile Contentwalked us through the recent government mandate that all federal agencies make their web content accessible to mobile users. Our minds were rattled by statistics like 31% of Americans only or mostly use the Internet from their mobile device. For 31% of Americans their entire web experience is through a mobile device!! Incredible.

Erin Kissane, editor and content strategist, took the second slot of the day with a (somewhat abstract) talk on content strategy and systems. … »


Government in Mobile Web Development

Consumer use of mobile devices to access the web is steadily climbing, making it increasingly important to provide a great user experience on mobile devices via a mobile website or native application. President Barack Obama recognized this shift in his ‘Directive to Make Federal Services Available on Mobile Devices’ which was released last week and requires that “each major Federal agency make two key government services the American people depend on available on mobile phones within the next 12 months”.

This directive represents a well-timed leap forward in providing Americans greater access to government services as we continue to strive for an open government. While it will require an effort on behalf of agencies to make these changes, content management systems, such as Drupal, offer powerful modules which make updating and editing mobile websites and apps a manageable task. … »


Drupal Government Day: Success is in the Details

New Target is excited to announce we will be presenting at the Drupal Government Day conference on May 18! If you are interested in using Drupal for your federal web design and development project, don’t miss this one day conference which will address topics such as open-source technology and security, designing in Drupal, how Drupal is changing the government, and many more.

New Target will be hosting a session focused on delivering useful pieces of knowledge to help any federal employee who finds themselves on a web design and development project by addressing three critical fronts: process, technology and design. We will use a recently launched suite of Drupal powered federal websites to answer the questions we are often asked and, more importantly, questions we wish we were asked. … »

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