User Experience Professional Association (UXPA) Conference Recap: Day 2

As we discussed in our last post, User Experience Professional Assocation (UXPA) Conference Recap: Day 1, our UX lead, Danielle Sheffler, was at UXPA 2013 in DC for 2 days recently.

Day 2 brought the opportunity for two more sessions and a 3 1/2 hour workshop. These sessions covered collaborating beyond your usability team, techniques on rapid prototyping, and Google’s iterative usability studies for products such as Google TV. The workshop allowed New Target to share their own process and deliverables for UX strategy and to learn about other companies’ processes and deliverables.

We had the following takeaways from day 2:

  • Some of the processes we use are also used by other companies, who share our same philosophy of “keep it new and fresh” and “it’s good to be curious about many other things.”  The presentation referred to practices we use such as diagnosing the real problem, determining what the user is looking for, and the best approach for delivering the deliverables for a client, as the type of deliverable may change depending on the audience.  However, the presenting team brought up the point that every person is different, and that it’s important every person who uses your site, even your internal team, as being different and wanting to use the site in their own unique way. … »

User Experience Professional Association (UXPA) Conference Recap: Day 1

Our UX lead, Danielle Sheffler, attended the User Experience Professional Association (UXPA) Conference in DC on July 10th and 11th.  The theme of this year’s conference was collaboration. All presentations were related to creating the best user experiences, creating partnerships, making connections, and properly using connections.

The sessions on Day 1 included web.gov, integrating usability into an agile environment, collaborating with others to create responsive designs, and the top five usability problems found in government in 2012. Here are a few takeaways:

  • • We learned about the progress government agencies are making on the standards set forth by the Obama Administration’s 2012 Digital Government Strategy, which calls for customer-centric sites that engaged US citizens. As we work on building and redesigning government websites, we will be utilizing a checklist of these items to ensure we are meeting the most up-to-date government standards and best practices. … »

Setting Website Goals

Time for Spring Cleaning

It is April and in lieu of spring cleaning, this is a great time to establish fresh goals for your website. Every year methods for building your web presence, reaching new audiences, and providing benefits to site visitors are being revamped and improved. To help keep your website relevant to your audience, we pulled together a few potential goals you can get started on this spring.

Usability Testing

An increasingly common and very successful method for determining how to meet your customers’ or organization members’ online needs is to perform usability testing. And there’s no time like the present to test your website with real website visitors. You can uncover valuable market validation from users to indicate whether the navigation, page layouts, design, and functionality are intuitive, effective, and usable—or where they may require revisions.

Test calls-to-action, content presentation, and site navigation to confirm that your website is user-friendly through sites such as TrymyUI.com let you do this for a nominal fee – or for more in-depth results, work with our Certified Usability Analysts. … »


DrupalCon Portland Session Commenting Has Begun!

DrupalCon is being held May 20th through 24th in Portland, Oregon. DrupalCon is the best opportunity for new Drupal users to understand the content management system and its benefits as well as gives current users the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from one another.  The conference contains nine different tracks to ensure that conference material caters to all attendees.

This year, Drupal community members submitted over 600 session submissions and less than half of these sessions will be selected for the conference.  New Target is pleased to announce that Danielle Sheffler, one of our Project Managers and our Usability Lead, submitted three sessions for the conference – two User Experience (UX) sessions and one Business and Strategy sessions – and we need your help in getting these sessions chosen for the conference.  So how can you help? … »


Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust in the Usability Realm

Recent statistics like those illustrated on mashable.com’s article “How Big Is the Web & How Fast Is It Growing?” which states that registered domains have gone from 15,000 (1995) to a staggering 350 million (2011), have our clients wondering how can they set their website a part from the millions of other sites.

In the past, when web creators and designers talked about the term ‘usability’, they were generally thinking about typography, font size, design, and layout. Other principles may have been included such as sentence line length and color contrast, but the list of items to consider when creating a site was often similar from site to site and limited to a few factors.

Books such as “Designing Web Usability” by Jakob Nielsen and “Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” by Steve Krug (which is still a favorite of ours today), provided guidance on what to look for when creating and/or evaluating a site. … »

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